From the simple, to the labor-intensive artisanal, and every point in between, if there is a limit to the number of possible rustication patterns, the industry has yet to discover it. Savinelli’s new “Pigna” (pine-cone) series boasts an adroit surface carving which falls to the far right of the artisanal scale, as well as a complete absence of stain, all the better to allow the natural beauty of the heath to shine through. The Pigna series also features an eye-catching stem; one that is reminiscent of the wonderfully rich hues found in marbleized jade – an absolutely inspired complement to the wheat of the body. Available in shape numbers “141,” “345,” “602,” and “616,” as well is either the standard or KS sizes, the Pigna is a beautiful presentation, and will become all the more handsome as it is lovingly smoked.