Pipe of the Year 2020 Rusticated P-Lip

Sku: 011-823-2584

Among Peterson's most popular shapes is the XL90, a large, muscular bent Billiard with a history dating to one of Charles Peterson's original patent shapes, the 9BC — the "B" indicating a tapered stem, and the "C" referring to its shortened stem length. For 2020, Peterson has returned to its origins and revived this antique design for the limited edition 2020 Pipe of the Year.

Essentially the predecessor to the modern XL90, the "9BC" features a tapered stem, a taller, more Egg-like bowl, a more sinuous curve through the shank, and more obvious cheeking around the transition. While much of Peterson's reputation has been built on its famous System engineering, System pipes are not for everyone, and the 9BC is not a System pipe. Rather, it is fitted without a moisture reservoir, maintaining regular engineering through the stem and shank for those who prefer non-System smoking.

For decades, collectors have searched out the original 9BCs, and they are a popular rarity, making this year's Pipe of the Year an even more special offering. The 9BC is a respectful and appreciative gesture to Peterson's past and a pipe that will continue its popularity with pipe smokers well into the future.

Available here in the warm Rusticated finish, topped with a broad sterling silver band and a P-Lip mouthpiece.

Retail Price: $160.00

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