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Pianoforte Smooth (128) (6mm)

Sku: 011-549-1250

The instrument upon which the likes of Haydn, Mozart, and even a young Beethoven composed their piano masterpieces, the pianoforte was the predecessor of the modern grand and "baby grand" pianos of today, and held sway from 1700, until the early romantic period. With the advent and increasingly popularity of the "historically informed performances" of the late 20th century, the pianoforte has once again taken the stage.

Smartly accented with the ivory and ebony hues of its inspiration, the Pianoforte series offers a variety of Savinelli's own interpretations of the classics - classic smoking pipes, that is. In the case of this handsome fellow, a traditional and sophisticated Billard

Retail Price: $165.00

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