Collection 2023 Smooth Brown (6mm)

Sku: 011-549-3148

Since 1985, Savinelli has released a new annual Collection pipe, ushering in a unique, series-specific shape and highlighting the brand's reputation for craftsmanship with finishes that prioritize superlative grain. 2023's Collection pipe reveals a tall straight Billiard shape with a deep chamber, stout insulating walls, a light heel, and a touch of cheeking around the bowl. It's fitted to a lengthy saddle stem with a unique natural briar inlay, creating a lovely visual buffer while also lengthening the silhouette to Lovat proportions. It's presented here in the Smooth Brown colorway, featuring a rich, ruby-tinged walnut stain that emphasizes the block's natural grain patterns in subtle contrast.

Retail Price: $525.00

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