Christmas 2022 Copper Spigot Rusticated (03) Fishtail

Sku: 011-823-3289

Peterson's special-edition 2022 Christmas Pipe represents a particularly wide array of Classic shapes offered in two distinct finishes: the elegant Heritage smooth and the more deeply textured Rusticated finish, both presented in a rich burgundy stain. Depending on the shape, enthusiasts can also choose between fine Army mounts and sturdy Spigots — both crafted from festive copper to complete the seasonal motif. Every pipe in the line is finished with a jet-black acrylic stem with Peterson's traditional fishtail mouthpiece.

This 03 model, a bold, muscular Bent Apple shape and among Peterson's most popular designs, is dressed in a craggy Rustication, the rugged aesthetic accented by a copper spigot mount.

Retail Price: $155.00

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