A-VA 5lb Box (Blue Crab)

Sku: 011-904-0003

Sweet, fragrant, and a crowd-pleaser, similar to the smell of freshly baked vanilla cupcakes. The Blue Crab name is A-VA, but you could call it Rookie's Choice or even Ultra Vanilla.

It was once commonplace for shopkeepers to name and weave a tale around their house tobacco blends. Whether a proprietor was promoting merchandise bought from reputable manufacturers or remixing stock to make new and original pipe tobacco mixtures, the tobacconist has always relied on factories with heavy machinery and know-how to do the job of crafting pipe tobacco. What the initiate or curious pipe smoker knew of pipe tobacco, he learned from knowledgeable shopkeepers and the stories they told.

The Blue Crab brand of pipe tobacco revives this age-old tradition by affording retailers the option to name a blend and to develop a house brand of pipe tobacco unique to their store. Blue Crab mixtures are tried-and-true, and they're priced to sell. Really, the only gimmick is there is no gimmick — that's where shop owners like you come in.

Enjoy Blue Crab's recipes and take advantage of the Blue Crab price. But revel in the chance to own your house blends and develop your own brand. The best thing about Blue Crab is the blank canvas. Begin telling your unique story today.

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Product Details

  • Components: Burley, Black Cavendish
  • Family: Aromatic
  • Cut: Ribbon
  • Strength:
  • Room Note:
  • Taste: