Raffaello Sandblasted (6mm)

Sku: 011-549-2619

Raffaello Sanzio was a 16th century painter and architect, considered by many to be a symbol of the Renaissance. On April 6th, 1520, when he was just 37 years old, Raffaello died in Rome; his legacy, however, lives on, with his works still exhibited in the Uffizi gallery in Florence, as well as in the Vatican Museums.

To honor Sanzio's genius, Savinelli has created a new special-edition line dedicated to the 500th anniversary of his death, limited to just 500 serialized pieces. A single-shape series, this elegant Rhodesian features a pronounced waistline and a graceful bend, finished in a crisp, low-profile sandblast and warm walnut stain, embellished with Raffaello's portrait in sterling silver along the shank.

Each Raffaello pipe comes nestled in its own personalized box, complete with a leaflet detailing the anniversary and the artist's enduring legacy.

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