Christmas 2021 Sherlock Holmes Sandblasted Baker Street Fishtail

Sku: 011-823-3014

Each year since 2009, Peterson has released a special-edition Christmas pipe, typically presenting an array of popular Classic shapes in a singular finish. For 2021, however, the Irish manufacturer has elevated the series, offering all 14 best-selling Sherlock Holmes shapes in not one but three distinct finishes: Heritage Smooth, Sandblasted, and Rusticated. This Baker Street model wears a concise, darkly stained sandblast, topped with a black acrylic fishtail stem and a warm, tasteful copper mount, and comes complete with a black leather pipe stand.

About the shape: Originally released as part of the Original Sherlock Holmes collection (1989-1991), the Baker Street is a tall, straight Bulldog first designed by Peterson's senior craftsman Paddy Larrigan. Among the most traditional designs in the Sherlock Holmes series, it features firm lines and stout proportions.

Retail Price: $150.00

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